What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol has been a popular social staple among human civilization since ancient times, and still remains a good way for people to relax, socialize, and have fun. Some people manage to drink in moderation, such as during social events or while watching a game, and experience only mild side effects and withdrawals. While others tend to take it a few steps further into what is considered alcohol abuse; where drinking in moderation, or abstaining from it altogether, cannot be achieved without significant difficulty or without alcohol addiction treatments. 

So, what happens when such a person finally decides to quit drinking alcohol? In this article, we will discuss what the human body goes through when a person stops drinking alcohol, the good and the bad, and why such a decision is so important to their health.

Alcohol Withdrawals

It is important to keep in mind that alcohol is, quite literally, a poison. Drinking too much of it too quickly can and will kill you within one drinking session. However, like with most chemically addictive substances, your body will develop a tolerance to it, and drinking in a controlled manner will allow you to feel the relaxing effects of the “buzz” it produces. 

Once you stop drinking, your body also immediately begins the process of detoxification, and the withdrawal symptoms that come with it will begin to manifest within only 24 hours of your last drink. These withdrawals are only temporary, and will dissipate overtime, depending on the severity and history of the abuse. Such withdrawals include, but are not limited to: insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, loss of appetite, mood swings, hallucinations, and even seizures are known to occur  in more severe cases. These withdrawal symptoms, along with the chemically and emotionally addictive aspects of alcohol, all contribute to making alcohol one of the more dangerous substances to be addicted to, and why it is so difficult to quit without alcohol addiction treatments.

The Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Now that you know what your body can expect to go through after you stop drinking alcohol, we can go over the positive effects that are taking place. The punishment you endure from the withdrawals does not go without merit. Within 24 hours of your last drink, your body is already going to work to detoxify your body and remove the alcohol from your system. 

  • After 3 days, the worst of your withdrawals should subside. The headaches should be gone, and your sleep and energy levels will improve drastically. 
  • After one week, your blood pressure levels will begin to come back down to normal and the liver will begin repairing itself.
  • After one month of no alcohol, you will begin to feel like a new person, your physical withdrawal symptoms should have ended completely, and you will even begin to notice an improvement in your cognitive functions.
  • After six months without alcohol have gone by, you will have taken a tremendous step in prolonging your lifespan. Your risks of cancer and heart disease drop dramatically, your liver has had time to recover and operate normally again, and you’ll feel an increase in stamina.
  • After one full year passes, your immune system will be back to performing at its best and your chances of avoiding all diseases improves dramatically. Blood pressure levels and bone density have improved, and the suffering brought on by withdrawals are now just a bad distant memory.

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