8 Reasons Why Alcohol Is The Most Dangerous Drug

Throughout history, alcohol has held a significant presence in human culture. Sporting events, weddings, and even deities of ancient cultures have had a special place reserved for liquor and beer. However, despite its worldwide acceptance and encouragement of consumption, we believe alcohol to be the most dangerous drug humanity has ever produced. In this article, we will discuss the severity of alcohol addiction and 8 reasons why we believe it is so dangerous.

Alcohol Addiction

The intoxicating effects of alcohol are well known to the general public, along with many of the associated dangers that come with overconsumption. But what about the responsible drinkers? The casual drinkers who know when they’ve had enough, and when it’s time to call a cab? As it turns out, these individuals are in more danger than they may realize.

Alcohol is one of the most addictive substances available in the free market. The current medical consensus within the CDC agrees that individuals who consume as little as 4 drinks in a single day, or 8 drinks within the span of a week, will begin to develop a chemical dependency. Therefore, it is safe to say that the majority of casual drinkers in the world have an alcohol addiction that they are not aware of. As with many other addictive substances, the human body will gradually build a tolerance to this substance and require the individual to consume more in order to achieve the desired effects, often resulting in overconsumption and abuse.

What Makes Alcohol Dangerous

We have just briefly touched on the prolific nature of alcohol’s addictive qualities, and here are 8 reasons why alcohol is so dangerous:

1. It Is Detrimental To Your Health

Prolonged alcohol consumption is directly linked to over 200 known diseases and accounts for 6% of all cancer cases.

2. Fatal Car Accidents

Approximately 30% of all traffic fatalities involved a driver under the influence of alcohol. Every 45 minutes, at least 1 person in the United States is killed in a drunk-driving accident.

3. Loss Of Judgment And Inhibitions

Alcohol consumption can lead a person to do things they normally would not do. These lapses in judgment can lead to life-altering injuries or making decisions with dire consequences.

4. Pregnancy

Women who consume alcohol while pregnant can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to occur, resulting in irreparable damage to the brain, organs, and overall development of a fetus.

5. Poor Diet Choices

People under the influence of alcohol are more likely to make bad decisions in their diet, and become more prone to consuming foods with higher calories and trans-fat.

6. Relationships Can Suffer

Recent studies have shown that married couples with discrepant drinking habits  (one partner drinks more than the other) are three times more likely to get a divorce, while couples who drink equally are 30% more likely. Consequentially, the suicide rate for divorcees in America is 2.4 times greater than that of married individuals.

7. Financial Hardships

Alcohol consumption can be an expensive pastime all on its own, but people under the influence are proven to be less disciplined with their finances and make poor purchase decisions. They are also more prone to gambling addiction.

8. Alcohol Addiction

As discussed earlier in the article, alcohol is a highly addictive substance. Perhaps the most significant danger is just how addictive it truly is, and how rarely people are made aware of this fact before the damage is done.

What Can I Do?

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, American Treatment Network can help. For individuals seeking alcohol recovery or opioid recovery treatment in Dover, DE, please visit our website to schedule your appointment today. We also have offices conveniently located in Newark, DE, and Havertown, PA.


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