Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Drinking alcohol is a prevalent aspect of the social culture we live in. In many settings, alcohol use is not only acceptable but also expected. When alcohol use is so expected today, it may be difficult to tell when you or a loved one begins abusing alcohol. The following explains how to spot signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and how to know when it is time to get help.

Physical Signs of Alcohol Abuse

One glaring physical sign of alcohol abuse is when someone frequently or always appears intoxicated, no matter the event that is going on. Symptoms of frequent intoxication could be constantly slurred speech, trouble remembering things, and poor coordination. Other physical signs may be a lack of personal hygiene and/or nutritional deficiencies, which can significantly affect someone’s appearance compared to before they began abusing the substance. 

Psychological Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction has a massive impact on the brain. Some psychological symptoms of alcohol abuse are a dependency on alcohol to get through many/all situations and craving alcohol when you have not consumed it in a while. People currently abusing alcohol also frequently struggle with decision-making abilities and partake in more risky actions and/or behaviors. Once someone begins relying on alcohol to cope with daily life, it may be difficult for them to enjoy activities while sober, leading them to continue abusing the substance.

When to Seek Help

It may be time to reach out for help if you frequently ask yourself, “can beer and liquor be addicting?” If you continually rely on these substances to help you cope with or navigate life experiences, you might be abusing alcohol. It is important to recognize that there is no shame in needing help. Addiction can occur for a variety of reasons, and what matters is taking the step to acknowledge there may be a problem and doing something about it. 

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