Create A Plan For Recovery

Recovering from long-term substance abuse is no easy task. Many recovering addicts attempt to quit ‘cold turkey’ or stop using with no plan for how to deal with the challenges that lay ahead. Creating a plan to structure your recovery can help reduce the chance of major withdrawal symptoms and relapse, helping you get back to a sober life as soon as possible. If you are about to begin your addiction recovery, keep these tips in mind to guide your plan.

Do a Little Research

Before you jump into sobriety-filled life, it is a good idea to do a little bit of research about the stages of addiction. Look into stories of those who have gone before you and learn about their experiences with addiction. Looking to others for guidance and advice can make a big difference. Learning from others is a lot easier than having to go through all of those experiences yourself, and it can help guide you down the right path.  

Recognize your Triggers

Being able to recognize your triggers is an important skill to develop during recovery. Triggers refer to anything that could lead you towards relapse. Once an addict is exposed to this type of stimulus, it ‘triggers’ a response that can be difficult to stifle. Anything from seeing drugs or alcohol, to specific phrases or objects can act as triggers. For the most successful recovery plan, try to identify your triggers, and make note of how you will avoid them.

Develop Healthy Ways to Cope

There are many ways to cope with difficult situations. For this part of the recovery plan, list all of the coping skills that you have learned and keep them somewhere you can refer back to if you need a reminder. Meaning-making, practicing religion, finding social groups, and creative problem-solving are a few healthy coping mechanisms that can give you an idea of how to deal with the difficulties of recovery.

Create a Relapse Plan

Though it can be hard to admit, relapse is a big part of the recovery process, especially for those just beginning their recovery process. Even if you feel like you won’t need it, it is a good idea to come up with a relapse plan just in case. Should the situation arise, who would you call? Where would you stay? Make sure that the people involved in this step of the plan are reliable and have your best interest at heart.

Test the Plan

Now that you’ve taken the time to design your addiction recovery plan, put it to the test! Use this plan to stay positive and proactive about your recovery.

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