Who Should You Turn to When Going through Recovery?

Recovery is a big step towards a new beginning. It is important that you have a solid support group to turn to when you are going through recovery. Here at the American Treatment Network, we care about your success in recovery and offer many different support groups to help aid you in a complete and full recovery. Below is a list of different resources to turn to when you are ready to face the road to recovery:

1. Hotlines 

If you find yourself struggling and having a tough time but have no one in your immediate friends or family to turn to, or if you don’t want to feel judged by any close members of your family, then there are plenty of hotlines to reach out to. Our team here at American Treatment Network is ready to help get started by calling 877-286-5115. 

You can also reach out to an alcohol crisis hotline, a sober living center hotline, or contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline (SAMHSA) at 1-800-662-4357.  Another great resource is the Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline: 1-800-662-4357  

2. Family

When you find yourself at a roadblock in your recovery, or are coming home from an in-house program, create a list of family members that you can turn to when you are going through the recovery process. You should choose family members who you can trust and who will help you through any possible relapse. Be sure to speak with supportive family members who have your best interest at heart to help you get better. 

3. Friends

If you do not have any trustworthy or reliable family members to turn to for support when you are going through recovery, turn to a close friend who you can trust to help you as well as a friend that can keep you accountable for your actions. Having just one person that you fully trust to accompany you through this journey is a very important part of recovery. 

4. You

The key to recovery is going to come from yourself. Most importantly, you will need to hold yourself accountable for your actions and do your very best to succeed on this road to recovery. If there is anyone you should turn to during recovery, let it be yourself. The best things to do for yourself during recovery are to create a safe, nurturing, and loving environment to live in. Create a detailed schedule and stick to it, as well as avoid your triggers. 

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