Why Online Mental Health Services Are Beneficial

Online mental health services, or teletherapy, have revolutionized how people can access therapists, counselors, or other mental health professionals. Although telehealth has been around since the 1960s, its popularity has skyrocketed in the last decade — especially with events like the COVID-19 pandemic changing how clinicians provide services to patients. With online services becoming as normal as in-person visits, it’s easier than ever to get the care you need without the burden of going into the office. 

Benefits of Online Mental Health Services

Regardless of what you are seeing a mental health provider for, having options makes getting care much easier. Here are three of the main benefits of online mental health services.  


Compared to an in-person visit, online mental health appointments carry less costs. Because of this, many providers will charge a lower rate. Insurance companies are also more likely to cover telehealth visits. This makes getting therapy a lot less burdensome on your budget, causing you less stress. 


Not everyone has access to mental health services. When someone does face a barrier to accessing therapy or the other treatment they need, their problems can go untreated – causing a more significant impact on their life in the long run. Some of the most common barriers to accessing treatment are: 

1. Living in a rural area. It’s no secret that rural areas experience a shortage of healthcare professionals, especially when it comes to mental health. If only one or two providers serve a large population, it is difficult to get regular appointments and find a service that meets your needs. 

2. Stigma against mental health. In many places, it is considered taboo to talk about mental health or seek treatment. A large portion of the stigma is fear of social isolation, adverse treatment, or even discrimination for speaking out. 

3. Cultural barriers. Racial, ethnic, and cultural minorities often have a more challenging time finding a provider that understands or can empathize with their experience. There is a considerable lack of diversity among mental health providers. Language barriers are also a large concern for immigrant populations. 

4. A lack of mental health education. People experiencing mental health problems may not seek treatment if they aren’t aware of what they’re dealing with; they may think things like overwhelming sadness, excess worry, or reactions to trauma are normal. Recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder – along with substance abuse – is a way to reduce a person’s risk of suffering from more severe mental health problems.  

Online mental health services give people who face these barriers a chance to access quality care from a provider not in their area, which could be life-changing. 


Getting mental health treatment can be scary, especially if it’s your first time. Or, if you’ve tried traditional therapy but didn’t like it, online could be a better fit. For some people, talking about their mental health is easier when they can do it from their homes. Online visits not only create a more comfortable environment for a person but are also more convenient. Eliminating the commute to and from an office makes it easier to fit mental health treatment into your day. 

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