Treatment for Addiction Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death

Addiction is a very serious problem that affects many people and their loved ones on a daily basis. Around 21 million Americans are battling with at least one addiction. It is important to seek help if you or one of your loved ones is struggling with addiction of any kind. American Treatment Network is a substance abuse clinic with treatments to help patients recover and stay clean of addictions.

Addiction is a Disease

Addiction itself affects your brain and not in a good way. When the brain is addicted to any substance it changes areas of the brain that are critical to memory, learning, and decision making. Addiction creates compulsive and destructive behaviors such as cravings. Cravings can be distracting and painful, cravings help distract the body from withdrawal. Once you realize you are giving up time and money to feed into these cravings it is time to find treatment. Substance abuse clinics, like American Treatment Network, are in place to treat different forms of addiction. Getting treatment improves your mental health and quality of life. Most clinics give several treatment options to guide patients to sobriety and help them remain sober.  

Types of Treatment Programs

Getting treated for your addiction is the first step to getting your life back. Many treatments guide patients by stabilizing their mental health and giving them the tools to say no to cravings. A common treatment option involves medication. Medication can help prevent relapse, manage withdrawal symptoms, and lessen the side effects of conditions that came along with the addiction. Other treatments like behavioral counseling and medical devices also play a role in a journey to sobriety. Every substance abuse clinic may have different treatment styles or treatment programs.

Surround Yourself with Others Who are Struggling

Having support from people who understand addiction is a vital treatment in itself. Joining a support group gives anyone battling an addiction to speak about the struggles they are having. People talk about everything their addiction has put them through and how they are going through a journey to sobriety. This can help anyone feel not alone and possibly keep them from a relapse. Finding good support groups in the community can also create friendships with individuals that want the same thing, that thing being to live.

Get Help at American Treatment Network in Havertown, Pennsylvania

If you are battling any type of addiction, contact us at American Treatment Network. We are a substance abuse clinic in Havertown, PA and Newark, DE. We also offer medicated assisted treatment and mental health treatments. If you or a loved one needs to help today visit our resources page to get life going in the direction of soberness. 


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