Treating Anxiety During Sobriety—What to Know

Anxiety can be the result of different internal and external factors and can present in a variety of ways, ranging from restlessness and irritability, to racing thoughts and fatigue. Some people try to ignore or lessen their anxiety symptoms by using drugs or alcohol to numb their senses. However, this can lead to a dangerous dependence on addictive substances that can actually worsen anxiety symptoms. Like any temporary solution, people generally experience heightened anxiety after the substance’s effects wear off.

Anxiety can be challenging for people who are battling addiction, since successfully overcoming their addiction will require that they address both their physical and mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety, it’s important to remember that it’s better to try to face your fears than to run from them. There’s a greater danger of developing a substance use disorder when you rely on harmful substances to numb your emotions. This is why it’s better to overcome anxiety with the help of mental health treatment in Havertown, PA.

How to Deal with Anxiety Without Using Drugs or Alcohol

There are many ways to deal with feelings of anxiety that don’t require addictive substances. In fact, the better long-term solution for it is to accept and overcome its difficulties. If you want to work through your anxiety in a safe and healthy way, here are four alternative ways to cope:

1. Try Meditation

Many people underestimate the power of meditation and consider it nothing more than deep thinking. However, meditation can be a transformative exercise for people who struggle to move their focus away from their anxious thoughts. You can download guided meditations to help you stay in the right mental space and feel in tune with your body.

A grounding technique that helps to soothe your anxiety is to move your attention away from your anxiety by focusing on the objects around you. Acknowledge five items visible in your surroundings, recognize four things you can touch, note three objects you can hear, two objects you can smell, and one thing you taste. These things must be tangible, allowing you to repeat the process of recognition, grounding you physically within the moment.

2. Share Your Thoughts with Someone You Trust

Anxiety doesn’t come out of nowhere. Although it seems to just spontaneously pop up and distract you from your daily tasks, these feelings are often deeply-rooted in trauma or other causes. Processing your thoughts and emotions is an important part of recovery. This is why you need to have someone you can talk to, which is where professional mental health treatment comes in. Talking about what causes your anxiety will make the symptoms more manageable and keep you from feeling like you are going through it alone.

3. Swap Unhealthy Distractions for Healthy Ones

Healthy distractions are excellent alternatives to using drugs or alcohol. Old and new hobbies will keep you productive and keep your mind from your bad thoughts. Journaling your ideas, listening to podcasts, and even cooking new recipes are all wonderful additions to a sober recovery routine.

Treat Your Anxiety Symptoms the Right Way with the Right Help

Studies have shown that over 20% of people afflicted with social anxiety turn to alcohol to manage their condition. This causes one problem to pile on top of another, leading to more complex and dangerous symptoms and withdrawal effects. It’s a complicated situation that happens when people attempt to heal themselves by self-medicating. The best way to handle your problems shouldn’t include alcohol or drugs, which is why a wholistic recovery is the recommended method of overcoming anxiety.

Mental Health Treatment in Havertown, PA

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