Tips to Stay Sober During Your Summer Vacations

Stress is the last thing that should be on your mind during a vacation. However, for recovering addicts, staying sober in summer can be difficult in specific environments that don’t consider one’s sobriety. By being prepared for what to expect on a sober vacation, you can feel at ease knowing how to protect your sobriety. 

Avoid Situations that Trigger a Relapse

Knowing your triggers and avoiding them is one of the easiest ways to prevent your sobriety from being broken in the first place. Peer pressure is a common factor that can lead to a sober person having “just one” drink, but someone who is addicted to a substance has immense trouble with limiting their intake once they begin. One tip is to get a nonalcoholic drink as soon as you arrive, so you don’t feel tempted to break your sobriety by yourself or others who may offer you a drink. 

Have a Plan

Having a plan can make or break a sober vacation. Factors like anxiety about not knowing what will happen or new environments and people can pose a risk to someone’s sobriety if they aren’t adequately prepared. One huge tip is to have a “sober buddy,” or someone else who will advocate for your sobriety while still enjoying the festivities. Someone like this can help take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to constantly having to communicate to strangers that you do not want to be offered alcohol. 

Advocate for Yourself

Be prepared to speak up for yourself if someone is questioning your sobriety. Casual or social alcohol consumption is extremely popular in our society, so it is not uncommon for someone to ask why you aren’t drinking or offer to get you a drink. Questions or situations like those may make you feel awkward or put on the spot, but they don’t have to. Oftentimes people are just curious or confused about things that are different from their own “normal.” An easy solution to this type of interaction is to come prepared with a few explanations, such as “I’m a Designated Driver” or “I have to be awake early, so I’m not going to drink tonight.” Suppose you feel more comfortable sharing your personal life with the individual. In that case, you may explain to them that you are sober and in recovery from addiction so they can be there to support you and encourage you to stay sober.

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