The Correlation Between OCD and Addiction

Is there a correlation between OCD and addiction? OCD is an acronym for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and some of its common symptoms are fear of contamination, fear of not having control, impulsiveness, and many others. OCD is an anxiety disorder, so this means that these intrusive thoughts and compulsions can be eased, but will return to what feels like a never-ending cycle if not properly managed. OCD can be an incredibly hard disorder to live with, as it can make it near impossible to function normally in society. 

Is There A Correlation Between OCD and Addiction?

In simple terms, yes, there is a correlation between OCD and addiction. OCD can develop at any stage in a person’s life. If a child develops OCD, then it is more likely they will turn to drugs or alcohol when they are older. A lot of people who suffer from OCD turn to drugs or alcohol to help cope and ease their symptoms. While becoming intoxicated might provide them a quick and simple fix to their intrusive compulsions and thoughts, it actually tends to make their disorder worse. 

How Can You Overcome Addiction With OCD?

Overcoming addiction is very difficult and overcoming addiction while also having OCD, can make it that much harder. A lot of people who have OCD are aware that they have it, know that their compulsions may be silly, and may even be aware that it is disrupting their life, but they still struggle to stop. The best way for those who suffer from OCD and addiction is to seek behavioral and mental health therapy and medication

Symptoms of Addiction To Look Out For

Symptoms of addiction to be aware of for someone with OCD is similar to looking for symptoms in someone without OCD. You’ll want to be aware of the person’s normal patterns, routines, and habits to make a good observation involving addiction. Below are some signs to look out for:

  • Spends more time behind closed doors or alone
  • Gets defensive quickly
  • Sudden change in routine 
  • Lost of interest in activities
  • Becomes irritable and/or aggressive

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