The Correlation Between an Alcoholic and a Workaholic

“Work hard, play hard” is a phrase that many Americans grow up hearing, but it might be giving some people the wrong idea. Is there a correlation between drinking hard liquor and working long hours? Certainly. But what about the correlation between being a workaholic and being an alcoholic? Studies show that there could be a connection between overworking and alcohol abuse. Those that worked an extra five or more hours of overtime were about 3 times more likely to have substance abuse issues than their peers.

What Does It Mean To Be A Workaholic?

American culture heavily values hard work and a good work ethic, but at what point does too much work become unhealthy? Being a workaholic means you are addicted to your work and continue to work without end, even after the shift has ended. Diligent workers are usually successful and rewarded for the time they put in, so it is easy to see how some fall into the cycle of never-ending work. A few signs of workaholism include;

  •       Skipping meals to keep working
  •       Working while ignoring symptoms or ailments
  •       Bring work home consistently
  •       Ceasing involvement in hobbies and social life
  •       Sneaking work into family gatherings

Workaholics and Substance Abuse

If you already struggle with addiction, you could be at higher risk of becoming a workaholic. Replacing one addiction with another is a common coping mechanism for addicts. Not only is it tempting to replace one addiction with another, but throwing yourself into your work makes it easier to dismiss other shortcomings. Many employees that are stressed about work will work more at home to feel more accomplished, and others attempt to alleviate some of that stress with alcohol. Though alcohol has been shown to raise stress levels, a poor work environment can foster compulsive behavior and contribute to excessive alcohol consumption. Identifying a workaholic alcoholic can be difficult as highly motivated workers typically seem the most successful. Not only do these people appear to be well-adjusted, but they seldom reach out for help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you know someone balancing a work and alcohol addiction. The effects of long-term stress and hard liquor on the body can take a toll on physical health.

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