Signs You May Have an Addiction

Someone battling with addiction can be hard to see. Dealing with your addiction or an addiction of your loved one can also be hard. Addiction treatment networks provide information about the many changes, behavioral and physical, that are associated with addiction. There are a few signs that may show you when someone is struggling with addiction. Some of the general signs are below:

Changes in Behavior

When someone is struggling with an addiction there are many personality changes that can alert you. When they are starting with an addiction you will notice more secrecy. They will try to hide their plans, usually with elaborate plans to cover up where they really are going.  Often, they show a lack of interest in their old hobbies or even work. Along with this lack of interest they may start arriving late to plans and missing everyday obligations. Neglecting different friendships and relationships without caring about the negative consequences is another common sign of addiction.

Changes in Mood

While struggling with any kind of addiction, mood swings are a large indicator. Addicts suffer with sudden changes in mood and often struggle with suicidal thoughts. When dealing with these different moods the most common ones are anger, sadness, and hopelessness. Working with an addiction network can help navigate these different moods.

Changes in Sleep

People battling with addiction often find there are major changes in their sleep schedules. When you have an addiction, it may be hard to sleep without partaking in this addiction. Chronic fatigue, defined as extreme fatigue that lasts several months, is a very common sign you or a loved one may be battling with an addiction.

Changes in Health

Another way to spot an addiction is to recognize their physical health. When an addiction is forming physical health often declines. Many signs of poor health are bloodshot eyes, change in weight, and unexplained injuries. Hygiene also declines rapidly with the decline of physical health. Whoever is battling the addiction may have bad skin, hair loss, and brittle nails.

American Treatment Network Can Help Today!

If you or someone you know is showing any of these signs, it is possible they may be struggling with an addiction. When you pinpoint an addiction, it is important you reach out to professionals to receive help at American Treatment Network located in Havertown, PA and Newark, DE. At American Treatment Network, we provide immediate access to care, custom service and health care in one location. We can tend to both our patient’s behavioral changes and physical changes. If you want to learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today. 


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