Signs That Someone You Love Has Relapsed

Even when someone is sober or a recovered addict, the risk of relapse can always be present. There can be many factors that cause a person to relapse, from a devastating life event to a change in the dynamic of their home life, many things can trigger a relapse. 

Stages of Addiction

Understanding the stages of addiction helps you know why relapses occur and how to spot one. Addiction functions like a cycle; it is an ongoing process that can take some people months or years to recover from. Even after “recovery,” people who struggle with an addictive personality can always be at risk of relapsing during a stressful or significant life event/change. Addiction begins after the first time someone uses a substance continuously. Once someone begins abusing a substance or substances, they develop a tolerance, which causes them to use more frequently or in higher amounts. This causes them to develop a dependence. Once someone is dependent on a substance, they are officially addicted. Getting sober is the most efficient way to end the cycle of addiction, but it can continue if a relapse occurs. 

Why Do People Relapse?

From an increase in daily stress to a major life event or change, there can be many reasons a person relapses. When someone struggles with substance dependency, it may be comforting or “normal” for them to turn to their substance of choice when seeking a sense of control or relief from the harsh realities of life. 

Signs of a Relapse

Knowing substance or drug effects on the body can help you spot when a loved one has relapsed. Signs of someone relapsing include compulsive behavior, mood swings, isolation from others, and more. It is not uncommon for people to feel guilty or embarrassed for relapsing, which may result in them withdrawing socially. It is important that you or a loved one knows there is no shame in relapsing. Addiction for many is an ongoing cycle with highs and lows, and the recovery process is different for everyone. 

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