National Recovery Month 2022

National recovery month is a national observance that is held every September to promote and support new recovery practices, evidence-based treatments, and people in recovery. Having a strong and proud recovery community is part of helping others struggling with abuse find their way back to sobriety. This national observance is one way to strengthen connections, raise awareness, and celebrate progress. The road to recovery can be rough but having a strong network of people that are facing the same problem can help pave the way to sobriety for others.  

Stages of Recovery

Recovery Month celebrates the gains made by those in recovery. Just as a family supports a family member recovering from health issues like diabetes or cancer, recovery month designates a time to commemorate the progress made toward sobriety. No matter what stage of recovery you are in it is important to acknowledge how far you’ve come. If you are in the contemplation stage of recovery, this could be an opportunity to take action and progress to the preparation stage of recovery. In this stage of recovery, it is important to find a network of people that can support you once you decide to aim for sobriety. Going to a national recovery event could help you find the support you need to achieve that goal. If you have started your addiction recovery process or you are simply maintaining it, take time this month to recognize your growth and show support for the community.

Celebrate Recovery this September

Building a network of support for recovering addicts and appreciating the progress we’ve made is what this holiday is all about. In 2020, the federal government gave the reins over to the addiction support community to manage and sponsor national recovery month. The “Faces and Voices of Recovery” will be managing social media, hosting the recovery month website, and taking care of social media. This celebration not only recognizes how far we’ve come individually, but it also recognizes the origins of Alcoholics Anonymous and how far we’ve come as a society. AA was founded less than a century ago. In 1958, the halfway house association was created to provide recovery-oriented accommodations for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. In 2002, the first medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction was approved. In 2008, insurance companies were legally forced to recognize addiction and substance abuse as legitimate medical issues and provide insurance for them. Fourteen years later, the least we can do is appreciate how far we’ve come as a community and as a society.

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