Living a Sober Lifestyle This Summer

Once you begin living your life in a sober manner, you will, or may have already found, mental and physical changes in more ways than one. While many might quote the surface level negatives first, like withdrawal, there are far more numerous and positive side effects of living a sober and clean life. And with summer upon us, there are a lot of potential triggers or opportunities that might risk your sobriety. It is vital that you maintain a clear head and not become complacent towards your sobriety, and you can do that by keeping these tips in your mind and implementing them when necessary. 

  • Prepare your sobriety to be tested.

Throughout the rest of your life, the challenge of maintaining your sobriety will rely on your adaptability and your clear head. During the summer, you might find yourself in typical everyday situations that will turn into a test of your sobriety. 

Still, there are many ways that you can mention that you are sober without going as far as talking about the specifics of your addiction. Just saying things like “No thanks, I don’t drink” will generally result in the end of the conversation, and if not, then it is up to you to fully remove yourself.

  • Avoid triggering experiences.

In a situation where the temptation is elevating, either from outside forces like the people surrounding you or if you find your own judgment faltering, you must remove yourself immediately from the situation. Triggering experiences like these can lead to regrettable actions taking place and should be avoided at all costs. 

  • Be aware of your emotional and physical limitations.

Your emotional and physical limitations are everything. The key to maintaining your sobriety will require you to be highly self-aware and practice a lot of self-care so that you are more in tune with your body’s signals. 

  • Go outside!

Do not overexert yourself, but you can still enjoy your life. Just because you should avoid certain situations does not mean you can’t enjoy the other aspects of summer, like going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and hiking. 

If you think you might need or want any extra support in these upcoming months, then it might be in your best interest to look for and receive professional support. American Treatment Network specializes in addiction and opioid treatment but is always there as a supporting and helpful hand for anyone looking for or trying to maintain their sobriety

Located in Havertown, PA, and Wilmington, DE American Treatment Network is a progressive addiction treatment facility that focuses on the rehabilitation of their patients using different methods like medication-assisted treatment. So, if you feel that you would benefit from having another person in your corner to support you on your road to sobriety, then give us a call and let’s work together on getting you to be the you, you want to be. 


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