How the COVID Pandemic Has Exacerbated the Numbers of Addiction and Mental Illness

Over the past year, the Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed millions of Americans’ lives, forcing them to adapt or struggle in a multitude of ways. Even with the arrival of vaccines in recent weeks and the first doses being rolled out, there seems to be more turmoil than ever, as during this same time hospitals have been overwhelmed by surges in COVID-19 cases to the point where they are unable to accept more patients.

As a consequence of the toll the virus has taken on the country as a whole, concerns of deteriorating mental health have begun to take center stage. Due to its ties to mental illness, issues of addiction have also become more prevalent during this time, forcing many to seek out substance abuse treatment.

The Increase in Mental Health-Related Concerns

Rooted in the implications of the current pandemic itself, as well as its associated effects, such as economic recessions and increased retrenchments, the current mental health crisis is nothing to belittle. In fact, the deterioration of mental health in the country has gotten to a point where a poll conducted in mid-July discovered that 53% of adults reported struggling with their mental health. Researchers discovered that such an increase (up 21% from the March reports) is due to the widespread increase in worry and stress over the Coronavirus itself.

At this point, it’s worth acknowledging that adults across the country have experienced such tremendous negative impact on their mental health that it has manifested in various ways. The decline in mental health has caused:

  • 36% of respondents to experience difficulties in sleeping
  • 32% of respondents to over-eat or “stress-eat”
  • 12% of respondents to experience a worsening of chronic conditions

However, even more so than these concerning developments, the exacerbation of substance use due to deteriorating mental health is a negative impact worth taking a closer look at.

Worsening Addiction During the Pandemic

Often linked to mental health issues even before the arrival of the pandemic, substance abuse has recently become a focal point for many communities because of the indications that it has escalated significantly during this time.

With the implications of the economic recession, social distancing practices, and other different effects being tagged as triggers for worsening mental health, many have turned to use substances as an “escape.” Although various schools of study have maintained differing approaches to tackling the problem in question, most agree that COVID-19 has worsened substance use disorders. Unfortunately, this same crisis has caused many to find themselves in situations where they need to seek substance abuse treatment from a qualified specialist.

Based on a study by the CDC, 13.3% of adults reported new or increased substance use to manage stress due to the pandemic, a number that is definitely nothing to brush off.

Apart from these findings, a link between epidemics and substance abuse exacerbation also shed light on the situation. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in substance abuse due to the widespread awareness of the crisis and extended periods of social isolation.

Get Professional Treatment for Substance Abuse

Although the COVID-19 crisis already presents a problem for every American’s physical health, there are even more problems presented when the toll on mental health is considered. Because of this, it’s during times like these that communities must pay more attention to growing issues of dependency on substances.

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