How Higher Opioid Dosages Increases Risk for Addiction

Opioids are the number one prescribed medication here in the U.S. and are highly addictive. One risk factor increasing a person’s probability for addiction is the dosage. The higher the dosage, the higher the risk. This terrifying reality is an eye opener that anyone has the potential to abuse opioids because of its addictive nature, especially when a higher dosage is a part of the equation.

Opioid Addiction comes with severe acute symptoms but is considered a chronic disease affecting your health, relationships, and every aspect of your life. Here at American Treatment Network, we understand the risk of addiction and know how detrimental it can be. We have a team of professionals specifically qualified for opioid treatment here in Havertown PA and Wilmington, DE and provide our patients with immediate access to care.

What Exactly is an Opioid and Why Are They Dangerous?

Opioids have a high potential for abuse and the capacity for one to experience severe psychological and physical dependence. Our brain contains opioid receptors in which the drug binds to these receptors, causing chemical changes. However, what makes opioids so dangerous is they produce feelings of pain relief, euphoria, and activate the pleasure system by the release of dopamine. Many can become addicted to the feelings or the high associated with opioids and even use it to cope with trauma. At the same time, opioids are a slippery slope because they activate the mesolimbic reward system. The stimulation of this region of the brain is one of the main reasons one will continue to abuse opioids. 

Signs of Opioid Addiction

There are several signs you can look out for if you think someone may struggle with an opioid addiction. If you observe them isolating themselves, dealing with financial difficulties, and even stealing from people they love, this could indicate an opioid addiction. It’s important to be aware of any behavior changes out of the blue because this could lead to a prompt response of seeking help.

The Higher the Dose the Higher the Risk

Patients who are prescribed opioids for long term use are more at risk of experiencing dosage variability. Dosage variability occurs for a variety of reasons such as changing providers, exacerbated pain, and poor adherence. The result of long-term opioid use leads to opioid receptors in the brain becoming more desensitized every time. For the receptors to respond to the drug, a higher dosage is needed to obtain the same euphoric feeling felt initially. When a higher tolerance is developed one is more apt to face addiction and therefore increasing your chances of putting yourself in a life-threatening situation such as overdose.

Our Unique Opioid Treatment Plan

At American Treatment Network our Opioid Addiction Treatment is one of a kind and designed to improve your overall wellbeing and guide you towards recovery. We have a treatment program incorporating counseling, behavioral and holistic health programming. Another core of our outpatient program is the use of Evidence Based Medication Treatment to help treat opioid addiction. Our healthcare providers and staff are well equipped to design a plan exclusive to you and your lifestyle. Let us help you and contact us today.  


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