How Does Liquor Affect the Body?

Hard liquor can impact the human body from brain function to organ damage over time. Even after just one day/night of heavy consumption of liquor, the body can be affected. 

Liquor and the Brain

One of the most apparent effects alcohol has on the brain is the ability to impair decision-making abilities. Alcohol can also affect someone’s mood, often giving them an increased sense of confidence, making them think they may be able to do or say things they might not normally do while sober. Another cognitive effect of alcohol consumption can be memory issues. Many times people do not remember small or large parts of their time being drunk after a period of excessive drinking. In addition, heavy alcohol consumption can lead to a chemical imbalance in the brain, which may cause someone to become dependent on alcohol for these chemicals since their body can no longer produce enough on its own.

Hard Liquor on the Body

Furthermore, when it comes to the short and long-term effects it has on the brain, alcohol can damage other parts of the body. The most immediate effect people feel alcohol take on their body is what is commonly called “a hangover.” From headaches due to dehydration caused by vomiting from the alcohol upsetting your stomach lining, many undesirable symptoms come the day after frivolous consumption of alcohol. Long-term regular alcohol consumption can lead to heart damage and other problems or complications with the heart. Heavy drinking can also affect your blood pressure. Over time, heavy alcohol consumption will also lead to liver damage because the organ is used so much in the process of metabolizing alcohol. 

Is Liquor Worse for You Than Beer?

Liquor and beer can both have adverse effects on the body when they are not consumed in moderation. However, the alcohol content of liquor tends to be higher than that of a beer. With more alcohol by volume in a smaller amount of liquid, liquor can pose a risk to those who struggle with controlling the amount of alcohol they intake. 

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