How Discovering New Hobbies Can Help in Recovery

If you are trying to quit a habit, chances are you are finding yourself with more downtime than you are used to. While this time used to be filled with things like smoking or drinking, it is easy to find yourself thinking about a relapse instead of filling your time with new and productive activities. There are a lot of benefits to picking up a new hobby or activity, especially for those recovering from substance abuse disorders.

Avoid Boredom 

As cliché as it sounds, new hobbies help structure and give purpose to your life. Part of avoiding relapse is avoiding boredom. Setting up a schedule for your day and for your week will help you fill your time with meaningful activities. Staying social is an important aspect of maintaining sobriety as well. Many doctors suggest joining a sports team or a book club. Fill your time with things that will make you a better and more interesting person rather than sitting around. Take a pottery class, try your hand at painting, do something you’re interested in.   

Exercise and Healthy eating

Oftentimes, alcohol or opioid  abuse can stem from low self-esteem. That is why it is a good idea to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into your weekly schedule. Staying in good shape is another way to avoid stress and negativity. Eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise have been shown to help with depression and with low self-esteem. Instead of coming home and using a substance to destress, you can put your body to work in an activity that promotes a positive self-image and acts as a stress reliever at the same time. You will feel healthier, and you will feel better about yourself.

Structure Your Life

One of the best ways to avoid an alcohol relapse is with a hobby that will keep your life structured and social. Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is easier when you are productive. Idle moments can make you feel lonely or bored, so it is important that you can find things to do that add meaning and satisfaction to your day. Volunteering or becoming an activist is a great way to dedicate both you and your time in a way that will feel meaningful, introduce you to new experiences and people, and keep your life structured.

Not sure what hobbies you’d like to try? Here’s a list of possible hobbies.

  • Yoga is a great way to relax your body, focus your mind, and get into great shape.
  • Art can help you express yourself in new and creative ways.
  • Cooking is an important skill that too many people are lacking. Becoming a great chef will fill both your belly and your time.
  • Outdoor exercise is a great way to get in touch with nature and experience the world around you while also helping you get into great shape.
  • Writing or even just keeping a diary can help motivate you to be more introspective and learn about yourself as well as act as a creative outlet.
  • Volunteering for non-profits is meaningful work. It is a great place to meet new people and motivate yourself to make a difference.
  • Martial arts is all about the body and the mind. This would be a great hobby for practicing discipline and getting into shape. 

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There are an endless number of things that could occupy your time, but it is important to choose the things that promote growth. If you are still seeking help with alcohol or opioid abuse, call American Treatment Network today with our clinics in Wilmington, Delaware and  Havertown, Pennsylvania. 


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