How a Minor Injury Can Lead to Addiction

When a person has an injury, sometimes they are prescribed painkillers or opioids to combat the chronic pain that can occur from the injury. The strength they have to relieve the chronic pain can cause dependency and an addiction to form. A person getting addicted to opioids following an injury is not uncommon. Many people today suffering from an injury struggle with the issue of opioids’ temporary relief at the cost of addiction.

Injury and Addiction in Athletes

There are many ways for people to get an injury and then develop an addiction. It is common to associate athletes with addiction due to injuries and opioids are the most common drug abused among athletes today. Athletes on a day-to-day basis put a lot of stress and rigor on their bodies, as a result, their bodies produce dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that allows the body to feel pleasure. Some athletes will describe this feeling when exercising, as a “high”. When faced with an injury these athletes turn to opioids so they can still achieve that “high” they were once used to. These athletes chasing that “high” through opioids can result in addiction.

Stages of Addiction

How does a person get addicted? Below are seven stages of addiction. 

  1. Initiation: an individual tries a substance for the first time 
  2. Experimentation: an individual has moved past trying the substance and is now taking the substance in different ways to see how it impacts their life  
  3. Regular Usage: the substance is normalized and grows from periodic to regular use 
  4. Risky Usage: the individual now frequently is using the substance and it has a negative impact on their life
  5. Dependence: the individual is no longer using the substance recreationally or medically but is becoming too reliant on the substance 
  6. Addiction: the individual can no longer deal with life without access to the substance and lose complete control of their choices and actions 
  7. Crisis/Treatment: the individual’s substance use is far out of their control and now presents a serious danger to their well–being

If you feel that you or a loved one is able to identify with any of these stages, it is best to reach out to a recovery center for professional help

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