COVID-19 and Addiction: The Link between Self-Isolation and Substance Abuse

Addiction is a disease that is the toughest to deal with when you’re fighting it alone—as many people battling addiction will tell you. Substance abuse treatment in a group setting has often been the changing factor for people who had previously kept their addiction going by using while alone. And many of those in recovery will also tell you that avoiding isolation is one of best ways to avoid relapse.

The onset of the pandemic has caused many people to withdraw more from what little support they had. This could cause someone who was just barely getting by without addiction to now fall into it, or cause those who were already successfully in recovery to relapse.

The Role of Social Interaction and Routine in Recovery

One of the first things you learn when entering a substance abuse treatment program is that social interaction with like-minded individuals is essential. Many people find that talking about their daily struggles with people who understand helps them cope with stress. Also, the ability to get out of bed each morning, do healthy morning rituals, and then attend regular group meetings with your support system is an essential part of your new life. The regular schedule of the group therapy meetings means that those battling addiction must follow a structure, and routine is useful for building new healthy habits.

The Role of Fear in and Isolation in Relapse

With the fears of the virus being widespread, addiction recovery can be difficult. Many people struggling with addiction also suffer from anxiety disorders. When there is so much fear, uncertainty, and anger in the world, it can be easy to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. Additionally, it can seem more convenient to stay at home and use drugs or alcohol to forget, instead of investing the time and effort into sticking with your substance abuse treatment program.

Adapting to the New Normal with Telehealth

If there is any silver lining to be found during this time, it’s that the pandemic is happening during a time when there is technology readily available and accessible to many. With substance abuse clinics like American Treatment Network adapting to the current situation by increasing their Telehealth care service offerings, they continue to be able to provide support. While the face-to-face interactions might be on hold for now, online sessions are here to save the day to aid relapse prevention. It is possible to stay safe and still avoid the temptations that arise all alone. Staying clean and sober during COVID-19 is still possible despite all the fears and uncertainties it has caused.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Hinder Your Progress

The onset of COVID-19 has given everyone new challenges and difficulties. However, getting help and treatment for opioid or alcohol abuse shouldn’t be one of them. American Treatment Network offers Telehealth treatment services for opioid and alcohol abuse, for those who are ready to overcome their addiction. We understand that the isolation brought on by this pandemic creates more instability, fear and anxiety which is why we have outfitted our facility with the PPE safety measures to conduct in person treatment. We offer complete care to address the mind and body during treatment and offer a tailor-fit plan for post-treatment relapse prevention. Contact us today to get help.


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