Commonly Abused Substances on College Campuses

Unfortunately, college campuses are one of the most common places where drugs are sold and used. For many students, this might be the first time they are living without parent supervision which may lead to trying out new drugs. Students might also be eager to fit in or become peer pressured into trying out these drugs. As much as 49% of full time college students drink alcohol and/or abuse other drugs. Here are some of the most commonly abused substances on college campuses to watch out for:


It is no shock that alcohol is first on the list because it is so easily accessible. Unlike highschool, many college students are old enough to buy alcohol or have friends that are old enough to buy alcohol. Alcohol is also widely accepted to consume and even encouraged by many college students. It is common to hear stories about college parties containing alcohol or nearby bars being popular among the students. Although alcohol is not viewed to be as harmful as other drugs, it is still very dangerous especially among younger college students below the legal drinking age. 


Marijuana has become increasingly popular in the United States. However, it is still illegal in most states and can have negative effects when abused by younger students. It is so popular on college campuses because it is considered to be a harmless drug, which is not the case. Injuries from lack of judgement caused by marijuana are very common. Besides possibly getting hurt, marijuana often leads to putting off school assignments and responsibilities, therefore resulting in failing classes. 

Prescription Pills 

Some of the most commonly abused prescription pills are Adderall and Ritalin. Many students may use these drugs in an attempt to study for an exam, or finish hard assignments that they need to focus on. While drugs like these are meant to make it easier to retain knowledge and concentrate, abusing them can be very harmful and have the opposite effect. Not to mention, students can be fined up to $10,000 along with 10 years in jail if caught selling these pills. 


Similar to how alcohol is the most common drug for parties, ecstasy is the most common drug for music festivals and concerts. With the increased popularity of raves and other large music festivals, also comes the rise of ecstasy use. Students often say that this drug intensifies the music and brings feelings of euphoria. However, once the drug wears off it can cause feelings of depression and hopelessness. Some state that these feelings of sadness are so bad it could lead to self-harm. In the worst case scenario, you could even end up in the emergency room from too much ecstasy. 


Along with alcohol, cocaine has become a very popular party drug because it adds to the atmosphere. Cocaine is known as the rich man’s drug because it is so expensive, yet college students willingly buy it. Besides losing a lot of money, cocaine is very addictive. In fact, one in four of those who try cocaine even once will become addicted to it. Using cocaine severely damages the brain and can even be life-threatening. It is also very easy to overdose on cocaine because of the rapid tolerance build up to it. 

Help Is Here

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