Celebrating Without Alcohol

Celebrating is a time where people can unwind, put their feet up and just enjoy the moment. Across one’s lifetime there will be many events to celebrate, such as weddings, promotions, and holidays. There is no such thing as avoiding celebrations, they are a part of life, as they should be! 

However, for those struggling with alcohol abuse, celebrating is normally a time of unease, anxiety, and even embarrassment. Especially in American society it is common to associate celebration with alcohol, but you don’t need alcohol to celebrate something. Here are a few ways you and your loved ones can celebrate without alcohol in the picture.

Go Camping

Disconnect from the real world and take a drive to the mountains or at your local camping site. While you’re there, there’s an abundant number of activities you can do. Take a nice hike and let nature and fresh air rejuvenate you. Roast marshmallows by the fire and gaze up at the stars while you talk about moments or memories that made you most happy. When you get back from camping you will feel energized and relieved.

Book Reservations to Your Favorite Restaurant

Celebration is a perfect reason to indulge in your favorite food. Book a dinner reservation to a special restaurant or even at a new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Bring along great company and enjoy both the atmosphere and food.

Spend a Day at the Beach

There is nothing better than spending a day under the sun while listening to the waves crash in the background. You can spend a day at the beach simply by relaxing or you can enjoy the many beach activities. For instance, bring a surfboard or boogie board and ride the waves all day. Or bring a volleyball or Kadima if you feel like breaking a sweat.

Treat Yourself

Maybe there’s an item you’ve been eyeing for months but could never justify the reason to splurge on it. Well, celebrating something is the perfect excuse for buying yourself something special. Life is too short not too!

Take A Vacation

We all have a bucket list of places we’ve been meaning to finally travel to. Whether it’s a tropical trip to the Bahamas or exploring the mountains of Montana, what better way to celebrate something than by finally booking that trip? Go with your significant other, or family, or even backpack alone. It’s hard to think about drinking when you’re staring at the crystal blue water of the Amalfi Coast.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment IN Havertown, PA and Wilmington, DE

The list of things to do to celebrate is endless, it just takes a dash of creativity. But at American Treatment Network it’s our job to be along your or your loved one’s side if they’re fighting with alcohol abuse. 

Our alcohol addiction treatment in Havertown, PA and Wilmington, DE provides both group and individual therapy to empower you to face your struggles head-on, as well as always keeping the goal of relapse prevention in mind. Not only do we have alcohol treatment, but we also have substance abuse clinics. Schedule an appointment today so you can partake in the many celebrations life has to offer, without fear of relapsing. 


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