Benefits of Being Sober for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with that comes family and friends’ gatherings to celebrate holidays and family traditions. Holidays can be a time of giving, joy, and excitement, but for some, they can also be a time of worry and stress. During the holidays, many people can tend to overindulge themselves when it comes to food, presents for others, or alcohol. Being sober during the holidays can be a daunting task due to the easy temptation of the alcohol that is being served. When you are facing temptation around the holidays, remember that the road to recovery gets tough for most during this time of year. Listed below are some benefits of being sober during the holiday season: 

The Memories

By being sober and on the road to a full recovery, you will be able to cherish your memories much more this holiday season. You won’t have a clouded judgment or hazy memories by showing up to family functions sober. Being able to live in the past and recall all of the special moments that you were a part of this holiday season will help you get through your toughest days ahead.

No Regret or Guilt

Being under the influence can make you act and say things you would not normally say. It can cause you to act in ways you wouldn’t normally act. By being sober this holiday season, you will be able to engage in conversations and not have to feel guilty about saying something out of line or something you normally would not have said if you were not under the influence. 

Extra Spending Money

If you are not spending your money on drugs or alcohol, you will slowly fill your pockets with a bit of extra cash for the holiday season. By being in recovery, you are not going to have to choose between getting your fix or getting your close family members the gifts that they deserve for the holidays. Not having to make that decision can lead to you being happier and healthier than before.

You Are Able to Leave At Any Time

Holidays mean that there will be multiple family functions. Family functions can be fun for some, but others can get overwhelmed and uncomfortable feelings when surrounded by too many people or loud noises for too long. By arriving sober to your family functions, you can make the call to leave whenever you would like and not have to wait to sober up and stick around for that awkward family feud. 

Need Help this Holiday Season?

If you or someone you love needs extra guidance in the recovery process this holiday season, please reach out today. We have substance abuse clinics in Havertown, Pa, and another substance abuse clinic in Newark, Delaware. 


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