All About Codependency on the Road to Recovery

They say that to have meaningful relationships is to live well. Be that as it may, not all bonds you form will continue to serve you. Many relationships can turn sour and toxic—which could have significant consequences on your overall well being, and require you to invest in mental health treatment. Everybody needs a push, a nudge, or a hand from time to time, but overall your relationships with your friends and family should feel nurturing. This is essential to improving your emotional wellbeing and maintaining stability, and not having it could lead to difficulty connecting with people in the future.

A One-Sided Relationship

There are many healthy relationships, but there are also just as many dysfunctional relationships. One of the most common toxic relationships many people have is codependent relationships. Codependent relationships are very common; in fact, 90 percent of Americans demonstrate codependent behavior, according to a study by Crester and Lombardo.

The dynamics of this type of relationship are very unbalanced—one gives their everything and makes sacrifices to please or take care of the other and the other does nothing. A one-sided relationship where one person is left to clean the mess of the other without expecting to receive any support in return will not benefit anyone. 

Recognizing the Problem

You shouldn’t experience love and intimacy in the relationship in the context of one’s distress and the other’s rescuing—this unhealthy dynamic will have a toll on both of you and consume everything you have until you no longer have anything to offer. Before getting mental health treatment, you must first determine if you are indeed in a codependent relationship, so you can take the right steps to solve the problem.

You Might Be in a Codependent Relationship If:

  1. You always say “yes” without considering your feelings. You put your wants and needs last so that you can make your partner. Things such as your health, time, energy, money, goals, and friendships are being sacrificed to accommodate your partner’s needs.
  2. You make excuses for your partner’s behavior. Ignoring your partner’s bad habits or making excuses for their poor choices indicates that you’re in a codependent relationship. No healthy relationship allows one person to be irresponsible so the other can clean or cover up their mess.
  3. You’ve lost your identity. Who were you before the relationship? What were your interests? Have you been taking care of yourself? If you’ve lost sight of who you are, it’s time to get mental health treatment.

Beginning the Journey to Recovery

Once you’ve accepted that you’re in a codependent relationship, the next step is to begin your recovery journey. This is easier said than done—you may even think you don’t need to do so. However, all of this enabling and rescuing can cause burnout. You may not be the one out of control, but you can still benefit from help.

If you want to break the cycle and change the dynamics, it’s time to do something about it. Follow our guide to help you recover from your codependent relationship:

1. Put Yourself First

Stop sacrificing yourself and put yourself first for once! Let go of the unexpressed resentment and honor your own needs. Stop asking about them and instead, speak about what you want or what you don’t like.

2. Get Professional Help

Relationship problems can be classified as a mental health issue. If you want your relationship to work, your partner also has to put in effort, and you both will need to get mental health treatment if it feels like a codependent relationship. 

3. Admit What You Feel

There is pain in staying silent. Not only does harboring your feelings create passive-aggressive behavior, but this also affects your emotional health. Force yourself to speak up and tell your partner how you feel.

Begin Your Healing

Keep in mind that codependency is entirely different from dependency. When you feel like you’re giving too much and receiving too little, the chances are that there is something wrong. Make sure to get mental health treatment and make the right choices. Don’t make yourself suffer any longer—know when it’s time to make changes or move on.

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