Addictions That the Pandemic Has Impacted the Most

The coronavirus pandemic continues to create hardship for millions of Americans to this day. Many have lost their jobs, abandoned vacation plans, and even had to say goodbye to loved ones. As the worldwide state of quarantine remains, it’s not just the COVID-19 virus that the healthcare industry should be worried about.

Although the coronavirus is priority number one for most hospitals, that doesn’t mean that other illnesses and medical conditions are any less serious. Unfortunately, the pandemic has been known to have contributed to many people developing substance abuse disorders or relapse back to addiction.

The Psychological Toll of Surviving a Pandemic

Mental Health experts note the gradually increasing development of substance abuse disorder among American adults. This leads to a need for local facilities that promote recovery, like substance abuse treatment programs. It’s a significant byproduct of the conditions that the pandemic has caused for people everywhere. 

What many people are experiencing now is the potential onset signs of COVID-19 survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s guilt primarily manifests in individuals who overcome traumatic events like natural disasters or vehicular accidents. 

However, people indirectly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can also experience survivor’s guilt. Even people who haven’t lost loved ones due to the pandemic develop an immense mental weight on the world’s realities. Being a survivor of COVID-19 or unaffected by the virus’s impact on society makes one traumatized by the implications of staying safe. This causes feelings of grief and anxiety, two of the strongest emotions that compel a person to develop a substance abuse disorder.

The Increasing Rate of Substance Dependence Among Americans

In addition to the psychological toll due to the pandemic, there’s also the economic stress that’s put heavy pressure on employers and employees alike. This can force people to turn to different substances. To promote recovery, facilities offering substance abuse treatment programs are necessary to prevent the risk of turning into a severe addiction.

A survey of over 1,000 adults conducted by The Recovery Village noted the illegal substances Americans consumed in the past month. Among the heavy figures revealed, many people have been using Marijuana, prescription opioids, and benzodiazepines as a coping mechanism. However, the most notable result is a staggering 88% of these individuals consumed alcohol with a higher consumption rate.

The Consequence of Burning Out During the Pandemic

In states largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, like New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, 67% of respondents revealed an increase in alcohol consumption, with 53% doing so to cope with stress, and 32% using it to cope with anxiety and depression. It’s necessary to promote substance abuse treatment programs in these severely affected states.

An increase in alcohol intake doesn’t always lead to substance abuse disorder. However, it can make a person more dependent on intoxication to dull the senses. This is caused by the difficulty one may have in managing their stress levels due to the pandemic. Once people turn to alcohol and other addictive drugs, it may become a few steps to closer to developing substance abuse disorder. This is why doctors advise people to learn healthier ways to combat stress like meditating or limiting exposure to social media.

Receive Help Through Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Havertown PA

It’s important to note that the numbers recorded by The Recovery Village are only a small sample size of a potentially much greater problem. This is why people must seek help for their condition since developing substance dependence can lead to more severe consequences during the time of COVID-19.

Receive Help From a Substance Abuse Clinic in Havertown, PA

Seeking help from local treatment facilities is the best way to stop yourself from developing a more severe addiction. At American Treatment Network, we foster a welcoming environment that offers personalized patient care to assist in your journey toward sobriety. If you need to receive substance abuse treatment in Havertown, PA, schedule a visit with us today! We can help make your decision to get help a worthwhile investment and offer immediate access to care.



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